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Erik van der Veer

Welcome to BusinessRisks

In a world of ever changing financial, physical and reputation risks trust in companies and entrepreneurs, governments and administrators is regularly at stake. Trust from employees, customers, business partners, shareholders and other stakeholders is equally important as the ability to repair damage after unexpectedsecurity incidents. Both are essential to the continuity of organizations and to ensure a healthy culture.

Business Risks B.V. addresses this need from a full-service security system. With a team of internationally experienced security experts, researchers and trainers, we contribute to both value protection and value creation for clients. We also have a fast and accessible system as an additional system to screen individuals, businesses and relation through Screening Holland.


Alliances: BusinessRisks B.V.  has access to an international network of qualified and experienced security professionals, crisis management experts (including psychiatrists and psychologists) and (cyber) investigators. All are established, reliable, and certified in their respective fields of expertise.